who we are and what we do

NAMAIM (Nonprofit Organization of Making Art for Image and Movement) is a non-profit organization creating art from Image and Movement.
We aim to convey the importance of visualization and movement to the world through art with works aimed for all ages, seeking to bring a positive message of social welfare and awareness.
Emphasizing communication through image to supporting clean technologies. Creating opportunities for a professional and international exchange of talent with each creation being a live performance or any other form of artistic expression. Bringing together internationally recognized names in the arts who want to bring their expertise to people with fewer resources and seeking to grow in such activities as dance, film, painting, music, poetry, photography, etc. thus providing them with the necessary skills so that they can reach their goals.
Offering an experience of movement in art. This experience can be beneficial for one’s health. We believe that image and movement are the cause of physical and emotional happiness for all ages and handicaps. With this NAMAIM accompanies each creation of an educational program to reflect on these points.
Create original artwork content using image and movement as a means of expression and awareness through cinema, live performances, exhibitions, performances, video, photography, music, choreography, theater, painting, sculpture, novelistic stories, poetry going beyond languages ‌‌and borders, relying on new technologies.
Providing opportunities for everyone to express their knowledge in these proceedings.
Creations: Praying Mantis, Red Apple, The Picture, The H.

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